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Writers: Succeed In Publishing Self-Help Books!

There is a Career For You in Self-Help Publishing! It’s just a matter of knowing how to plan your series of books. Yes, a series. Many wannabe Self-Help Writers don’t realize this, but people who need help need lots of … Continue reading

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Fun with Translation

Languages are different. Everyone knows that, but many people misunderstand the situation. They think this simply means that the words are different. What about grammar? Okay, they will admit that grammar is different, too. Remember those masculine and feminine nouns … Continue reading

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Grandmother, What a Fascinating Brain You Have!

Livia Blackburn’s ebook From Words to Brain is a fascinating bit of reading… about reading. For those of us from literate societies, reading is a given. It’s easy. It even seems effortless. But the processes going on in our brain … Continue reading

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Friday Quote

It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction.                           Fiction has to make sense. As always, Mark Twain uses humor to make us think.   What do you think… how is truth stranger than … Continue reading

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Friday Quote

Well, it’s note actually a quote, since I had to make it up. But I know the author’s intent. Really. Mark Parisi of Off The Mark (indirectly) reminds writers: NEVER STOP TRYING!

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The Process of Writing

Part of the creative process of writing occurs while actually writing. This is because of the relatively slower rate at which even the fastest scribe among us can put words to paper, as opposed to how quickly we can speak, … Continue reading

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