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The Vase You’ve All Been Waiting For…

Okay, here’s a picture of the vase I bought as a gift for my wife by bargaining in Tagalog with a monolingual Chinese saleswoman in Beijing. I’m not sure why I didn’t include this in the original post (Shopping in … Continue reading

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Shopping in the Wrong Language

A Bit of Paper On my third day in Beijing, I did get finally my visa to Mongolia. It was almost boring, after the complexities of the first two days (see Outer Mongolia via Beijing). I took the bus (again), … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: Small Pox!

I swear… Actually I promise that I won’t swear. Not in this blog. But our Wednesday Word today is about swearing. How do cultures differ in their “bad” language? What does someone say when they’re furious, or when they smash … Continue reading

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Swords at the Mall Samurai swords, no less. Normally, getting into the malls here in Manila involves an extremely thorough security check, something like what you might be subjected to when trying to board El Al in Jerusalem with a … Continue reading

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Palawan Flu – A Ray of Hope?

This post was featured on ProPinoy.net Malaria. Many people are not aware, but malaria is a disease that claims over 800,000 lives a year worldwide, most of those being children and infants. In areas where the disease is endemic, every … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: (Gonna Write Me One)

There’s isn’t a Wednesday WORD this week. It’s actually a whole grammar feature which shows up in Appalachian English (okay, some of us use it, too). Linguists call it the Personal Dative. When we hear the form, it immediately gives … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: Confess/Adopt

I confess… I would adopt these kittens. But the words “confess” and “adopt” – same or different? In the theory of translation, we talk about “areas of meaning.” For a word (or phrase), its unique area of meaning is all … Continue reading

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