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Wednesday Word: Small Pox!

I swear… Actually I promise that I won’t swear. Not in this blog. But our Wednesday Word today is about swearing. How do cultures differ in their “bad” language? What does someone say when they’re furious, or when they smash … Continue reading

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Outer Mongolia via Beijing

I was on an adventure… Even for this veteran traveler, to fly to Outer Mongolia was pushing everything up a notch. Okay, two notches. It was the spring of 1994 and I was leaving the familiar Manila and heading to Ulaan … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: (Gonna Write Me One)

There’s isn’t a Wednesday WORD this week. It’s actually a whole grammar feature which shows up in Appalachian English (okay, some of us use it, too). Linguists call it the Personal Dative. When we hear the form, it immediately gives … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: Deny

This week’s blog will be a bit negative. I don’t deny it. There is a figure of speech called litotes. You all use it without realizing it. Every time you say something like, “Not too shabby!” or, “That’s not the … Continue reading

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Language and Identity

Check out my opinion essay published on The Pro Pinoy Project (Propinoy.net) It’s about language and identity and specifically, what it means to be “Filipino.” Can Philippine national identity be defined by a common language? Can the Philippines, with 7,107 … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: Mother-Father!

Who you gonna call?   (Mom and Dad, of course) Exclamations are a fun part of language. They don’t necessarily fit all the patterns. And sometimes, kin terms and other surprising words are shouted out to express deep feeling. You … Continue reading

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Fun with Translation

Languages are different. Everyone knows that, but many people misunderstand the situation. They think this simply means that the words are different. What about grammar? Okay, they will admit that grammar is different, too. Remember those masculine and feminine nouns … Continue reading

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