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Fun posts about words and how languages differ

Wednesday Word: Food (BONUS RECIPE SECTION: potato chips for lunch)

Devour This… Today our Wednesday Word is food, most anyone’s favorite topic. Even dieters, while trying to hate or avoid food, think about food and talk about it constantly! Disclaimer: The following fun, bite-sized morsels of trivia about the language … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: Small Pox!

I swear… Actually I promise that I won’t swear. Not in this blog. But our Wednesday Word today is about swearing. How do cultures differ in their “bad” language? What does someone say when they’re furious, or when they smash … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: Eye of the Needle

I just sewed up a puzzling translation issue. A year ago I wrote how we had run into a problem translating Jesus’ allegory about the eye of an needle. He said that it’s easier for a camel to pass through … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: Cooties

“Cooties I can handle” …or can you? Uma Thurman’s Pulp Fiction character Mia thought cooties were no big deal. But every third and fourth grade American school kid knows the truth: Cooties will ruin your life. Cooties is the infection … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: Change

It’s funny how the word change means both “become different” and “smaller denominations of money,” as well as “the surplus portion of your payment returned to you.” And in the Philippines, my concept of change has well, changed. Something happened … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: Group

A Group of Drinks (drinking group?) Gather ’round, and let’s talk about gathering round! Groups. How do languages express this concept in their unique ways? I just encountered a fun example. I was working through a consultant check of the … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: Marrow

Okay, I’m going to show my musical taste er, age, here… Carol King once sang in Home Again, “Chills my soul right down to the marrow.” Crosby, Stills and Nash gave us “Thrill me to the marrow” in Suite: Judy … Continue reading

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