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Swords at the Mall Samurai swords, no less. Normally, getting into the malls here in Manila involves an extremely thorough security check, something like what you might be subjected to when trying to board El Al in Jerusalem with a … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Café Du Monde

Café Du Monde in New Orleans. My wife and I love the place. Recently, my friend, author Luis Alberto Urrea, was on a book tour. His Facebook posts about Nawlins called up such deliciously high-fat, sugary, jazzy and daiquiri-soaked memories, … Continue reading

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Music for Writers

Music is powerful. And it touches something deep in our core. At the same time, music is an extremely individual taste. Of course, our preferences may change through the course of our life, and we might be influenced to try … Continue reading

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Who Are We Kidding?

We are in Singapore this week for a couple of work-related conferences. While here, we are enjoying this amazing city… its delicious, multi- ethnic food; the efficient public transportation; the sights. Seeing old friends is a treat and making new … Continue reading

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Smiles on a Jeepney

I rode a jeepney in Manila the other day. That’s certainly nothing to smile about. Slow, crowded public transportation. Squeezed shoulder-to-shoulder, hip-to-hip and thigh-to-thigh with total strangers. The roof was too low, so my neck was bent over. Polluted air, … Continue reading

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Freshly Blessed

Wow! I’m humbled and thrilled (I suppose I should say “stoked” to go with the old music I admitted to loving) that I was Freshly Pressed. When I saw all the pending comments on my post “An Old Man’s iPod,” … Continue reading

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Friday Quote

Well, it’s note actually a quote, since I had to make it up. But I know the author’s intent. Really. Mark Parisi of Off The Mark (indirectly) reminds writers: NEVER STOP TRYING!

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