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How To Write Good Fiction: Insights From A Two-Year-Old

Believe it or not, but the dozen or so English phrases my almost-two-year-old grandson has mastered illustrate all the elements needed in the writing of good fiction. I recently spent about a week with Max and got to hear him … Continue reading

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Kan Yu Spel Gud?

A question on a LinkedIn forum got me to thinking. Christopher Knutson asked if the Roman alphabet was suitable for modern English, and if we needed a modern “spelling revolution” because of the inconsistencies. Good question! Some scholars have proposed … Continue reading

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Language and Identity

Check out my opinion essay published on The Pro Pinoy Project ( It’s about language and identity and specifically, what it means to be “Filipino.” Can Philippine national identity be defined by a common language? Can the Philippines, with 7,107 … Continue reading

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Errors Aren’t So Bad

I’ve been a language learning consultant (“coach,” etc.) for about 25 years, helping people learn second (or third…) languages. Recently I was thinking about many of the principles of learning a new language and how they apply to writing. Writing is like … Continue reading

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