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This is where I hide the humor and satire I’ve written, plus cartoons and quotes I find funny. I hope it makes you laugh.

Kan Yu Spel Gud?

A question on a LinkedIn forum got me to thinking. Christopher Knutson asked if the Roman alphabet was suitable for modern English, and if we needed a modern “spelling revolution” because of the inconsistencies. Good question! Some scholars have proposed … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Café Du Monde

Café Du Monde in New Orleans. My wife and I love the place. Recently, my friend, author Luis Alberto Urrea, was on a book tour. His Facebook posts about Nawlins called up such deliciously high-fat, sugary, jazzy and daiquiri-soaked memories, … Continue reading

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How to (not) do Translation

Just for fun (and a good example of why literal “translation” doesn’t work and isn’t translation at all), I give you a page from the (un)helpful-yet-entertaining instructions that came with a travel alarm my wife bought yesterday: So the question … Continue reading

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Mr. Coffee is a Drip

Read my guest post hosted on Quirky Culture! My wife and I love coffee. Love it. And I mean coffee (as opposed to the caffeine-enhanced, coffee-flavored, sugar-and-whipped-cream beverages my kids’ generation loves) We have coffee every morning and sometimes later … Continue reading

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Who Are We Kidding?

We are in Singapore this week for a couple of work-related conferences. While here, we are enjoying this amazing city… its delicious, multi- ethnic food; the efficient public transportation; the sights. Seeing old friends is a treat and making new … Continue reading

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Wednesday Word: Running with Scissors

This week’s Wednesday Word is actually a whole group of words, the set which linguists (using their technical parlance) call “words which act weird.” Ordinary nouns have a singular (one parakeet) and a plural form (two parakeets or even a … Continue reading

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Friday Quote

Well, it’s note actually a quote, since I had to make it up. But I know the author’s intent. Really. Mark Parisi of Off The Mark (indirectly) reminds writers: NEVER STOP TRYING!

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