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This is where I hide the humor and satire I’ve written, plus cartoons and quotes I find funny. I hope it makes you laugh.

Are You Eating Explosive Cleansers?

Research has uncovered facts which have alarmed consumers who question the corporate food production empire. Beware! A common ingredient in many foods and beverages has been proven to consist of an extremely dangerous chemical compound—referred to as tubig in parts … Continue reading

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Free Million Dollars… yeah, right!

Everyone gets these money scam emails (often from Nigeria), but this one was so creative, so over-the-top, so… so COLORFUL, I just had to share it. I appreciated how hard these crooks worked to get my personal details. Note how … Continue reading

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Montana: They Ignore Bill Davis Words

Capture the Flag in Montana Okay, this post about Montana is a shameless ploy to lure in a viewer from (guess where?) Montana. I figure if I include enough mentions of “Montana,” Google just might help me out, you know? … Continue reading

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Writers: Succeed In Publishing Self-Help Books!

There is a Career For You in Self-Help Publishing! It’s just a matter of knowing how to plan your series of books. Yes, a series. Many wannabe Self-Help Writers don’t realize this, but people who need help need lots of … Continue reading

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Swords at the Mall Samurai swords, no less. Normally, getting into the malls here in Manila involves an extremely thorough security check, something like what you might be subjected to when trying to board El Al in Jerusalem with a … Continue reading

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Stutter Songs

B-b-b-baby, You Ain’t Seen N-n-nothin’ Yet! Have you ever thought about stutter songs? Maybe you have. Perhaps you sing them in the shower. For you doubters, there are lots of them out there. Stutter Songs. Successful stutter songs. Hits. For … Continue reading

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Enough To Drive You Crazy?

I renewed my driver’s license yesterday here in Puerto Princesa. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a big deal to you. Perhaps you think there is no adventure involved in such a mundane, routine activity. Allow me to fill you in. … Continue reading

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