About Bill and this site…

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In this blog you will find posts about language and culture and what it means to experience the world cross-culturally.

I’ve spent my life working with words: reading, writing, telling stories, singing, composing songs, learning languages, speaking, teaching, developing curricula and doing translation.

Now in my late-50s, after blogging for a while (random thoughts, journal-type entries and humor), I’m more serious about writing and have been writing stories, producing poetry and I have started a novel. I will post some of my writing–and my thoughts about the craft of writing–here in my blog.

Check out my Most Popular posts on the right, and see what people enjoy reading on BillDavisWords. Consistent favorites are An Old Man’s iPod (Freshly-Pressed in March 2011),  Smiles On A Jeepney, and my Wednesday Words series about language differences.

COMING SOON! I will also host a fun, easy, column here about grammar for writers. It will particularly deal with issues Filipino writers want to discuss, but should be helpful for any writers  who want to hone their English writing skills, or to get published internationally.

30 years of work overseas as a missionary translator and consultant informs my writing as I try to pull together setting, language, culture and the interaction between them.

I look forward to networking and interacting with other writers, to learn from them and improve my craft, as well.

I would love to hear from readers–your response or any constructive input. So please comment. Anything I post here comes with a default attitude of “glad to receive constructive criticism.”

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