Are You Eating Explosive Cleansers?

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Research has uncovered facts which have alarmed consumers who question the corporate food production empire.

Beware! A common ingredient in many foods and beverages has been proven to consist of an extremely dangerous chemical compound—referred to as tubig in parts of Asia, where copious amounts of the compound are found.

When heated, tubig becomes unstable and separates into two highly-flammable and explosive gasses, one of which has been shown to be the leading cause of oxidation. Both of these gasses can be found at high levels in the toxic smog of cities like Beijing and Manila. And yet they are included in much of the food you eat, and the manufacturers of these products can do this with no risk of arrest!

Tubig is sensitive to changes in temperature, which makes it a potential hazard in nearly any situation. At extreme heat, tubig may cause scalding, or even death. At low temperatures, tubig becomes rigid, and expands with enough force to split rock. Just imagine what this might mean for your digestive system. And it is a well-established fact that inhaling even a small amount of tubig almost certainly causes immediate death. Yet the FDA has made no move to require warning labels on products containing this killer which takes the lives of hundreds each year.

Recently, large amounts of tubig were dumped on city streets in the city of Atlanta, and traffic was rerouted to avoid contact with this dangerous substance. And yet tubig is an ingredient in every beverage served at Subway and McDonalds. As of this writing, Subway refused to respond to our inquiries about their use of tubig. McDonalds’ reply was less than reassuring, as they unashamedly intend to continue their use of tubig. It will be an uphill battle as consumers work against these large corporations and their deep pockets which pay their lawyers’ retainers.

Not only is tubig used in the preparation of many foods and beverages, this SAME chemical compound is used to clean up the greasy pots and pans and to scrub the floors when the restaurant closes. Large amounts tubig are poured in high-traffic areas of public spaces, in spite of the evidence cited here which points to the risk it poses to consumers’ health.

It is a fact that 100% of autistic children have been exposed to tubig. The fine print in recently-published WHO reports indicate that tubig has been consumed by people with conditions as as varied as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, congestive heart failure, acne, Alzheimer’s, MS, curly hair, and ABGS (Alarmist Blog Gullibility Syndrome.)

And yet tubig (also known as di-hydrogen monoxide, or H2O) continues to be used in cooking and to fill water bottles.

Are YOU eating and drinking this highly explosive industrial cleanser?

Disclaimer: This blog was inspired by several alarmist pseudo-science blogs I’ve seen recently. Now, do I believe that much commercially-produced food in America is full of unhealthy ingredients? Absolutely. And the health conditions listed here–some of them quite devastating–serve merely for making my point, and indicate no lack of sympathy on my part.
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