30-Day Drawing Challenge: Day 19


The challenge is celebrating!

See the blog Expatriatism for a list of the other worthy participants, including my artist niece, and links to their daily drawings.Christmas

Day 19: Our assignment was to draw our Favorite Holiday.

There is no need to take a vote or ponder this one. Christmas wins hands-down without a moment’s hesitation.

I love parties and celebrations, being hospitable or the recipient of hospitality. But no holiday has the emotional pull of Christmas.

We have worked overseas for decades. So we missed many family events such as birthdays, year after year. That was hard, but not unbearably difficult. Thanksgiving… wonderful holiday and great food, but we could face the day even though 8,000 miles lay between us and our parents and siblings. Even once our kids were grown, we could still enjoy Thanksgiving.

Ah, but Christmas was hard every year. And once our kids were back in the USA (and even more so, once we had grandchildren over there), Christmas was depressing. We didn’t want to decorate or play the music. We hardly wanted to celebrate at all. The more we tried to celebrate, the more depressed it seemed to make us.

For me, growing up in the Southern California climate, Christmas isn’t about cold or snow (it’s often in the 70s or higher here and we got roller skates and skateboards instead of sleds as presents), it’s not really about the music (although that puts me in the mood), it’s not even about the food or the presents (although I enjoy them).

Christmas has deep meaning for me. But the celebration of Christmas is about being with the ones you love most, to enjoy the time together and to rejoice in what Christmas means… together.

And what’s Christmas without a cat (or two) to climb the tree and knock the ornaments off… or even knock the whole tree over? Once we had to tie the tree to the wall because of a rather (ahem) frisky gray tabby…


About Bill Davis

Writer, speaker and translation and language learning consultant. I write technical articles, poetry and humor, and I am working on my first novel which is set on the island of Palawan in the Philippines.
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