30-Day Drawing Challenge: Day 3


The challenge moves forward.

See the blog Expatriatism for a list of the other worthy participants, including my artist niece, and links to their daily drawings.


Day 3: Our assignment was to draw our First Car/Bike/Mode of Transportation.

Don Hillson (our illustrious 30-Day Challenge host) cheated, you know. Well, more like he copped out. I really mean to say he beat me to a great idea. He listed FEET as his first “mode of transportation.” Well-played, Don. Well-played.

I considered trying to one-up him by drawing a picture of my mom, but thought better of it.

My “first” would actually be a tricycle. A red one, I think. I have only the vaguest of memories of that er, vehicle. What I drew here was my fast-as-a-drag-racer Schwinn bike (remember Schwinns??) It was also red. And it really could (in my mind) reach speeds worthy of the quarter mile as I pedaled down our not-so-steep hill. Ah, childhood imagination.

I remember the day Dad came home from work and it was announced we were going to Sears (Good old Sears and Roebuck! We’re talkin’ the early 60s here, folks) to get me a real bike. It’s funny how kids are not in the loop. Looking back I wonder why the splurge? Pay day? Bonus?

Later “modes” of transportation included a Honda 350 I bought at age 17. I foolishly traded that for a Corvair-powered dune buggy. Traded that for a 1966 Cadillac DeVille convertible. Also red (what was it with the red things with wheels?!) Imagine an 18 year-old driving a Caddy with the top down. That was some crazy car. It had a 472 cubic inch engine and two 4-barrel carburetors. It would probably sluck down $10 worth of gas per minute nowadays.

Anyway, for all the upgrades and increased sophistication of vehicles over the years, I don’t think any of them were as fun as riding my first Schwinn (especially as it neared 100 mph).


About Bill Davis

Writer, speaker and translation and language learning consultant. I write technical articles, poetry and humor, and I am working on my first novel which is set on the island of Palawan in the Philippines.
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4 Responses to 30-Day Drawing Challenge: Day 3

  1. Don says:

    You accuse me of copping out?! 😛 But I can’t help it if I beat you to an idea – I’m 8 hours ahead of you, and even so, I usually post around 5pm your time…

    I liked your drawing and I loved the story that went with it.

    I’ll try not to ‘cop out’ for the next drawing.

  2. Freebie says:

    nice wheels! I think that this is really a no cheating challenge. Short of stock images I think you’re good to go.

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