Writers: Succeed In Publishing Self-Help Books!

There is a Career For You in Self-Help Publishing!

It’s just a matter of knowing how to plan your series of books.

Yes, a series. Many wannabe Self-Help Writers don’t realize this, but people who need help need lots of help. One book would simply never do. So you, the writer, must be willing to really put forth the effort to provide them all the help they need.

So, writers… are you willing to work that hard?

Here Is One Sample Series:

  1. Seven Steps to Success and Prosperity
  2. The Same Seven Steps to Success and Prosperity, in a Different Order
  3. The First Three Steps to Success and Prosperity
  4. The Other Four Steps to Success and Prosperity
  5. Prospering Successfully, With My Help
  6. Succeeding Prosperously, With My Help
  7. Why I Want You to Know the Seven Steps to Success and Prosperity
  8. What You Still Don’t Know About the Seven Steps to Success and Prosperity
  9. A Reminder About the Seven Steps to Success and Prosperity
  10. Seven Steps to Success and Prosperity, 2nd Edition

The REAL Secret Revealed at Last

But you know, secrets are meant to remain secret. So the authors never quite seem to publish “Book #11” which contains the real secret never revealed in books 1-10.

But I am revealing it here for you (I’m crazy, I know, because this blog is free):

11. One Easy Step to Success and Prosperity: How to Make Money by Selling Books about Seven Steps to Success and Prosperity

Oh, the Irony…

Get On The Bandwagon

Another technique for all you aspiring writers is to copy other writers. This is just a special form of self-help. Whether you see it as “helping yourself” to the original writer’s concept, or that their book was intended as a self-help book for you, well… you decide! For example, in the wake of the hugely successful Who Moved My Cheese? we now have the following (these are all real titles from Amazon.com):

  1. Who Stole Me Cheese?
  2. I Moved Your Cheese
  3. Nobody Moved Your Cheese
  4. Who Made My Cheese?
  5. Who Cut The Cheese?
  6. Who Moved My Mouse?
  7. The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life
  8. The Cheese Wheel of Good Fortune

No, wait… that last one is just wedges of real cheese. Sorry.

It’s Come To This

Now we have books on how to help ourselves, books on how to write self-help books. There are even self-help books on how to wean yourself from an addiction to self-help books (please pause a moment and ponder that one).

I’m thinking of writing the following strikingly original titles, myself…

  1. Don’t Smell the Sweaty Stuff
  2. Rich Dad, Poor Kid
  3. Soul Food for Chickens
  4. Who Bought This Cheesy Movie?
  5. Men Go To Bars, Women Bean Us

Anyway, this post was just my way of trying to help you. May you avoid this fate…


About Bill Davis

Writer, speaker and translation and language learning consultant. I write technical articles, poetry and humor, and I am working on my first novel which is set on the island of Palawan in the Philippines.
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5 Responses to Writers: Succeed In Publishing Self-Help Books!

  1. esarsea says:


  2. esarsea says:

    Reblogged this on THE BS BLOG.

  3. Loved the comparison of “self-help” to “helping yourself”!

    Just what was the catalyst that caused the out-pouring of advice. I certainly had my stage of purchasing the self-help type book, and recently as I was cleaning out cupboards of books, I did a lot of tossing and shaking my head, “what was I thinking?” Seriously, what made so many people doubt themselves?

    As always ~ great post, Bill !

    • Bill Davis says:

      Thanks, Carol! This was a fun one to write, and it went through several stages. I’ve always been a suspicious sort, asking questions like: If that guy can make millions selling real estate “with no money down,” why is he writing books and teaching seminars about it? Why does he care if WE get rich? And if the scheme is valid, he would make more money following his own advice than he ever would from selling a few books. Seems to me that the REAL get-rich scheme is the books and seminars!

      This post started out to be just the list of 10 titles (I won’t name names, but maybe I was “inspired” by recently seeing a book by someone whose name sounds like “Oil Josteen” or something like that *smile*). But then, as I searched for images, I found the look-alike titles and such. And the irony of self-help books to help wean us off of self-help books was too rich to ignore. So, one thing led to another, and…

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