Who Are We Kidding?

We are in Singapore this week for a couple of work-related conferences. While here, we are enjoying this amazing city… its delicious, multi- ethnic food; the efficient public transportation; the sights. Seeing old friends is a treat and making new ones is a joy.

Today, I had to laugh, though.

As you know, going to a zoo nowadays, you will hear less about the animals and more about how they are endangered. The audience at each show will be badgered about the need to save the planet via recycling, protecting the rain forests, etc. (I know badgers are animals, so maybe that’s okay in a zoo).

While I may be telling you here that those guilt-messages get a little tiresome, please rest assured that I am all for conservation, recycling, keeping species from going extinct and saving the rain forest (I’ve LIVED in one for most of the past 30 years.) So we’re still friends, right?

So today, we visited the famous Jurong Bird Park. It was beautiful, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the colorful species, and being amazed by the trained birds, especially Amigo, the blue-naped parrot who could sing Happy Birthday and count from one to ten in both English in Chinese. (Well, I took the trainer’s word for the Chinese part… it sounded like Chinese to me!)

Over and over throughout the half-hour “Birds and Buddies” show, we were reminded that we needed to save the forests so there would be habitat for these stunning birds to live and multiply.

So I had to chuckle when we were told that any donation to the Singapore Wildlife Preserve would result in our being given a FREE GIFT… a postcard with a picture of one of our new performing bird friends!

A post card… printed on paper made from one of those dead trees.


About Bill Davis

Writer, speaker and translation and language learning consultant. I write technical articles, poetry and humor, and I am working on my first novel which is set on the island of Palawan in the Philippines.
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2 Responses to Who Are We Kidding?

  1. Too funny. I enjoyed visiting a butterfly farm in the Philippines, complete with messages about the ‘protection’ of the butterflies. Meanwhile, in the gift shop, not only could you order a flock of butterflies to be released during your wedding, you could buy dead butterflies pressed into every possible souvenir, from bookmarks to coasters. I guess the real message is that environmentalism sells. Stamp the word ENDANGERED on your product’s packaging and triple your profit!

    • Bill Davis says:

      And let’s not mention the crocodile farm for “conservation and protection” of crocodiles (to which I ask, Why you would protect them, especially since they are multiplying by the hundreds in the wild)… but the tourists aren’t told what happens to the young crocs which become purses and shoes overseas!

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